Powerful features that are easy to use

Fully featured mail client

Works like a conventional mail client on your mobile device with majority of the day to day features like printing, search, etc.

Any IMAP server

Works seamlessly with all IMAP service providers.

Unified inbox

Take advantage of accessing your multiple email accounts from a single spot.

Smart folders

Easily access Unread, Flagged, Addressed to me and Today emails with a tap of your finger.

Thread support

Set if you want to navigate your emails in a conversation thread view.

Move, delete, archive

Some emails worth archiving, some deletion. Access multiple organizing features in one tap.

Quick actions

Mark single or multiple emails and quickly access reply, delete, archive or star.

Address book integration

Complete integration with your existing address book.

Atttach from cloud storage

Attach files from any of the cloud services you use on your mobile device.

True end to end PGP encryption

Encryption algorithms using Open PGP and S/MIME message formats. Compatible with Symantec PGP email desktop.

Generate and manage keys

Complete key generation and management build in directly into application.

Decrypt from 3rd party applications

Decrypt PGP protected file from any of the applications on your mobile device.

PGP Global Directory support

Submit and import keys automatically from PGP Global Directory.

Encrypt subject

Automatically encrypt email subject to avoid accidental information exposure.

Touch ID instead of the passphrase

Optionally you are able to use fingerprint instead of a long passphrase.

Offline operation

Continue working offline and all your actions will be automatically synced when Internet comes back.

Security policies

Configure security policies to each one of your email accounts to sign and encrypt messages.

Advanced features of key sharing

Share your keys through Global Directory, cloud services, iTunes or email attachments.

Experience secure email, now on your mobile device.
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