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What is Krypto Mail?

Krypto Mail is a secure mail client for iOS providing true end-to-end encryption which is compatible with existing PGP solutions. Krypto Mail can encrypt and/or signs email directly on the user's device without involvement of third party or server means.

What makes Krypto Mail different from conventional mail clients?

Krypto Mail has all features of the conventional mail client and additionally provides end-to-end PGP encryption, ensuring maximum privacy and confidentiality.

Does Krypto Mail collect any of my data?


What are the recommendations for a passphrase quality?

We recommend you choose a long passphrase of at least 8 to 10 characters. We recommend that you avoid using public personal data e.g. names, birthdays, telephone numbers etc. Yet, you have to be make sure that you will be able to remember it, as once lost it cannot be recovered.

I forgot my passphrase, how can I recover it?

No. Your passphrase is never stored anywhere, not on your device nor anywhere else, which means that it cannot be recovered.

I lost my private key, what can I do?

Unfortunately, you have to generate new Private Key and exchange your public with all your correspondents again.

I received an email with invalid signature.

When Krypto Mail says that the email has invalid signature it could mean that the email was tampered after it left the senders device. However, there other more common cases for this error – you could be missing public key of the sender and therefore unable to validate his/her signature, or the signing algorithm used by the sender is not yet supported by Krypto Mail (and most likely not compatible with PGP).

Will Krypto Mail be available for other platforms?

We would like to offer Krypto Mail to as many users as possible. However at this stage we do not have any timeframe for its availability on other platforms.

Is Krypto Mail available for iPad?

Krypto Mail will be available for iPad users soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed once it is released.

Does Krypto Mail support both IMAP and POP3?

At the moment we only support IMAP protocol.

Does Krypto Mail support Exchange server email Accounts?

Exchange server allows accessing emails via IMAP protocol, which is supported by Krypto Mail. In case you have trouble accessing your exchange account, contact your network administrator to make sure that IMAP access enabled for your account. Native Exchange support EWS is currently in development and will be available soon.

How often does Krypto Mail check my email accounts for new mail?

Due to limitations of iOS platofrm for third party apps we cannot control how often Krypto Mail checks for new mail in the background. While we strive to check for new mail as often as possible, effective time depends on many factors beyond our control (such as how often you use Krypto Mail, how good is your internet connection, amount of battery charge left and so on).

Is Krypto Mail available in my language?

At the moment it is available in English only but we have plans to localize it in the nearest future.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

If there is anything more you would like to know about Krypto Mail, don't hesitate to contact us using the Help button at the bottom of the page.

Why I am not receiving notifications about new mail when Krypto Mail is not running?

Unfortunately Apple does not allow third party applications to perform regular activities in the background (i.e. the state when the application is not open). This is only available for native applications like The workaround solution suggested by apple is to use the technology called "push notifications", when the notification about new message or event is sent via Apple-controled communication channel from the developer's web server. This solution, however, would require Krypto Mail to check new messages on behalf of the client on the server, which would in turn require access to your private account. This violates everything we believe about privacy and security therefore we decided not to go this route.

We are working on workaround solution which would be both secure and approved by Apple. Should Apple decide to allow third party applications wakeup from background, will immediately seize this opportunity to provide our customers with reliable notifications.

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