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Send encrypted right from your iPhone
Sending sensitive data over email in unencrypted form can be potentially dangerous, as there is always a chance for it fall into the wrong hands on its long way from your email client to its recipient. Krypto Mail lets your encrypt emails with recipient's public key directly right on your mobile device and you can rest assured that no one but the intended recepient will ever be able to read its content.
Certify your emails with a digital signature
By digitally signing an email you apply a unique digital mark to it. Unique information attached to the message guarantees to the recipient that the message was sent by you and that the contents have not been altered during transmission. Digital signature is derived from your unique private key, hence it makes it impossible to be forged.
Access your personal and corporate email accounts via IMAP
Krypto Mail allows you to access email on any mail server, be it one of the well known public email services or your corporate server, as long as it supports IMAP protocol. Most of the emails servers on the internet have IMAP enabled straight away, if not check your service documentation of how to enable it or contact your network administrator.
Compatible with existing PGP solutions
In case you or your colleagues are already using any of the desktop solutions compatible with PGP algorithm, such as Symantec Desktop Email or GnuPG, you can start exchanging encrypted emails with from your iPhone with Krypto Mail in just a few minutes. Krypto Mail is fully compatible with existing PGP solutions and even allows you to import your existing public and private keys.
Are you concerned that your email communication of sensitive information is unprotected?
Nowadays most of the business communication and intellectual property is happening via emails and attachments. Emails are being sent and accessed more and more on the fastest growing market of portable devices. Unsecured sensitive information can become an easy mark for a competitor or malefactor. Sensitive information stored on the server or portable device already represent a high risk of falling into the wrong hands.
Krypto Mail is a partial implementation of the OpenPGP standard (RFC2440,RFC4880) that leverages your current cryptography infrastructure and allows your iOS devices to interoperate with it. Krypto Mail is there to solve all privacy and data protection issues with signed and encrypted emails directly on your portable device.

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